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About Landis Hotel

The Landis Taipei

Sophistically decorated with French art deco style, The Landis Taipei has a long history and had hosted numerous famous celebrities including the The Three Tenors. 

Address: 41, Sec.2, Min-Chuan East Road, Taipei 104, Taiwan Phone: +886225971234


Landis Resort Yangmingshan

Landis Resort Yangmingshan located in the Yangmingshan National Park, is the only international tourist hotel

Address: 237, Ger-Zhi Road, Yangmingshan, Taipei, 111 Phone: +886228616661


Pause Landis Wulai

Embraced by the natural beauty of Wulai, surrounded by the misty cloud; Pauselandis Hot Spring Resort at Yenti -a true refined and elegant resort hotel.

Address: No. 88, Sec. 5, Xinwu Rd., Wulai Dist., New Taipei City 23341, Taiwan Phone: +886226618000


Landis Inn Chuhu

We sincerely invite you to visit us, and hope you will find your own peace in this prosperous city.

Address: EN-300 新竹市東區大學路16號 Phone: +88635715888


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