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Landis Club agreement

Welcome to Landis Club ! The membership program and services on this website is provided by The Landis Management Co. Ltd. 

To protect your rights and assist you in understanding our special offers and reward point policies, we have provided below the terms and conditions for all members. The following terms and conditions apply to members of all Landis Club member classes. Revisions will be announced on the Landis Club website. By submitting the application and accepting our services, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to these terms and conditions.

I. Overview

  • We reserve the right to make revisions to any agreement content, special offers or gifts without prior notice. Landis Club reserves the ultimate right to make changes and interpret the terms and conditions how it sees fit.
  • The Landis Club program may be terminated at anytime without notice. Members will have six months from the date we terminate the program to accumulate reward points and redeem them for gifts.Any points earned will expire after these six months.
  • The reward points accummulated are issued and maintained by The Landis Management Co. Ltd. Any unredeemed points will expire if your membership is terminated for any reason.
  • Expired and unused points cannot be redeemed for cash, or discountable or transferrable.
  • Members cannot earn bonus points for any spending or accommodation that took place before joining the Landis Club.

II. Membership

  • Only persons over 18 years are eligible to register for Landis Club membership. Legal entities will not be granted with membership right. The Landis reserves the right to accept or reject any membership application.
  • Every Landis Club  member is only allowed to have one membership account. Membership privileges and reward points may be revoked in the event that a member attempts to obtain multiple member accounts.
  • During registration, please use your e-mail address as your account and set a password for your account. Use your mobile number to authenticate and activate your membership.
  • The member's account password will affect the personal login rights, please fill in the details and avoid repeated login.
  • Please remember your member account information and password and be sure to log out when you leave our website. Members are fully accountable for the activities associated with their membership account.
  • When registering, members must fill in the member's personal details and a membership number will be provided.  Members will not be issued with any physical membership card instead members will get to enjoy membership benefits through APP and electronic membership card. If there is no smart phone, you can check the personal membership information on the website. Don't give your account password to others to avoid damage to your rights.
  • 5 Membership Tiers : Traveler/Dreamer/Explorer/Hedonist/Stylist member.
  • Membership upgrade with points is based on accumulated points for the year. Once they reach the upgrade point condition, it can be upgraded in the current month, or it can be maintained until the next year.
  • After the member is upgraded, if the number of points cannot be accumulated in the next year, the member level will be reduced to the corresponding level of points accumulated in the second year and the third year. EX: Members have accumulated 700 points on April 10, 2019, and they can be upgraded to Dreamer category. On October 10 of the same year, they accumulate 1501 points. The member can be upgraded to Explorer category. It can be kept until December 31, 2020. If the member only earn 722 points in the whole year of 2020. The member will be become Dreamer member January 1, 2021.
  • Any "accumulatied points are eligible" are defined by the hotels in the Landis Club program.

III. Bonus Points

  • Bonus points will only be granted for eligible stays at participating Landis hotels.
  • The list of participating Landis hotels may be changed at anytime without prior notice. The list of participating Landis hotels may be viewed at If a hotel announces that it will exit the Landis Hospitality Group or exit the Landis Club program, accommodation at that hotel will not be eligible to earn reward points after the announcement, regardless of when reservations were made.
  • Accommodation which is ineligible to earn reward points includes, but is not limited to, wholesale tour packages, room rates offered to partner airlines and travel agencies, payment made by gift vouchers or other forms of cash equivalent, stays free of charge, stays paid for with reward points, and special room rates for groups, promotions and employees. Expenditures associated with the abovementioned categories are also not eligible to earn reward points.
  • A maximum of three rooms per night may be counted during an eligible stay on the condition that the Landis Club member stays in one of the rooms,and the three rooms are paid for in full by the member. Should your group stay in more than three rooms,the two extra rooms to be eligible for reward points will be those with the higher room rates. Accommodation which involves more than one room will only be viewed as one stay.
  • Membership is limited to registered individual and shall not be shared with another member for means of accummulating points. The point accummulation is exclusively based on each stay and will not be taken into account if you choose to accumulate with any other frequent airline program or other loyalty programs.
  • In general, members will get one point for every NT$100 spent in any eligible accommodation within Landis hotel in Taiwan. Dollar amounts eligible for reward points will be rounded down to the nearest NT$100.
  • Expenditures ineligible for reward points include but are not limited to:
  1. Food, beverage, alcohol, mini bar, direct calls and facsimiles made in the guest room, as well as laundry, pay-per-view movies and video games
  2. Food & beverages, banquets and conferences during the stay
  3. Spending on parking, business center, souvenirs and spa treatments
  4. Any payments made using gift vouchers or any other forms of cash equivalent
  5. During your eligible stays at The Landis Taipei, food & beverages expenditure transferred to your room account, excluding conference and banquet for over 12 people, will also earn reward points.
  6. Reward points are valid for three calendar years. So for example, reward points earned on October 11, 2019 would be good through December 31, 2021 and become invalid thereafter.

IV. Redemption and Transfer

  • Members must have enough reward points required in order to redeem for gifts.
  • We may change the redemption of the bonus products, the types of bonus products and the terms and conditions of the redemption of the products, website at anytime without individually notifying members.
  • Collection of gifts:
  1. ​For member bonus points redemption, please download the Landis Club APP or log on to the website, enter the account number and password.
  2. Individual bonus products will not be issued with physical coupons. All redeemed products will be stored in the member database. Members can check and use the Friends Member APP
  3. Any bonus products redeemed by membership points shall not be resold and traded in any form. If there is any consumer dispute arising from related activities, it will not be related to the Landis Club membership.

V. Membership Contact

  • If the cumulative points have changed or decreased, the "Lands Club" will be notified via the email address.
  • Simply log onto the Landis Club website and click the Member Service index to check your reward point balance and to see records of related expenditures and redemptions.
  • The Friends of the Friends event is periodical, in order to provide the latest information for each of the Friends members, the Friends of the Friends has the obligation to maintain the latest contact information. In the event that the contact information of the member is inaccurate, any form of notice sent by the Friends of the Friends program will not be successfully delivered, and the related loss will not be responsible for the member program.

VI. Authorization of personal information

  • All the information you provided will be monitored and managed by our team. By registering for membership in the Landis Club , you agree to allow your personal information to be accessed by the Landis Club, hotels within the Landis Hospitality Group, as well as our partners in other industries. Your information may help us in providing you with information regarding products and packages in which you might be interested,such as hotels, plane tickets, consumer products and other special offers. By registering for membership in the Landis Club , you also agree that we may at times access information regarding dietary preferences,health issues, and other personal information.

VII. Others

  • The interpretation of this membership agreement and the relationship between the Landis Club and all members are subject to the laws of the Republic of China.
  • For any litigation arising from this agreement, the Taipei District Court of Taiwan is the court of first instance.


Privacy Policy

Landis Club recognizes the importance of personal information in terms of conducting its business operations, and places highest priority in ensuring that such information is fully protected. The following guidelines have been designed to provide peace of mind for our customers and to generate confidence. All employees have been informed of these guidelines and will strive to protect personal information. Furthermore, Landis Club will not only treat personal information of individuals with the greatest care, but also the information of corporate clients and clients of other entities in the same appropriate manner.