The Landis Taipei Corner Suite Accommodation Voucher

Redeem Points5000Point
Date of use From Today to 2021-06-30
Use hotel Landis Taipei
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‧ This voucher is valid for one night stay in Corner Suite for two persons.
‧ FFor check-in on Friday, Saturday, Chinese New Year (2021/02/12~02/14), Memorial Day 228 (2021/02/27~02/28)、Tomb Sweeping (2021/04/02~2021/04/04)、
International Rotary Event (2021/06/11~2021/06/16)there will be an additional charge of NT$1000 per night.  
‧ This voucher does not include breakfast which will be at NT$600+10% S.C. per person.
‧ This voucher cannot be postponed or redeemed.  Invalid if altered.  Lost or damaged, will not be re-issued.
‧This voucher is only valid for Taiwan Local Resident.
‧ This Gift voucher must be used before 2021/06/30

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